Wherever They’ll Have Me is now on Pandora!

Open up that box, you stupid ass nerds.

My ep, which came out this past January, is now on Pandora.  While I am obviously a Spotify man, it’d be cool if you all checked out my station.  I’m sure it will yield me upwards of eights of a cent in the next 3-7 months.  Also, I’m sure it’s just my 2 least favorite bits and then a bunch of Ukrainian folk music about poops and farts.

Heres the link:  PANDORA, YOU DUMMY

Gimmie Five With Mike and Milo

So here is my new venture. Each week, I’ll do some jokes into a computer with my trusty sidekick, Milo. I should tell you that Milo is a 3 year old Chihuahua/ Daschund mix that has not stopped licking my face for the last 3 months. I’ll try to make sense of the week’s events all while being attacked with cuteness. Subscribe and come on our journey of friendship, hilarity and making use of the CNN app.

Hey Dudes

Just wanted to thank everyone that bought the record for buying the record.  The response has been fantastic so far and I really appreciate it.  If you haven’t got it yet, what in the hell is the matter with you?  You some kinda jerk ass jerk?


You should be ashamed of yourself.


I have some really fun shows coming up in Holly and also Merrillville, Indiana.  Come out and help me prove that these are fun cities to perform in and that the Illuminati is real.